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The Fog That Shrouds Decisions

Too much emotion can blur a situation, a conversation or a dialogue. This is especially important when it comes to making critical decisions. 

Emotions are like a fog shrouding a decision-making process. In a heightened emotional state, people are unable to see, think or interpret clearly. It’s a lesson we know, but oft forget. Whenever emotions erupt, decisions need to be postponed—at least, for awhile. 

Clarity may be the most important ingredient to making a quality decision. Great leaders work hard to keep emotions at bay during critical decision making. When they or others get emotional, these leaders delay until the adrenaline subsides and rationality returns. 

Likely, this is a lesson your mother taught you when you were very young. It is time to revisit this sage advice as a leader who aspires to make quality decisions that affect others. 

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