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The subtext of any conversation refers to the underlying meanings and motivations people use to influence. By looking past the literal message, leaders can discern the agendas at play in any conversation. Through an examination of the subtext, leaders understand more accurately what is really being said.
When leaders take on a new assignment or role, they replace the leader that came before them. While some prior leaders retire or move to their next assignment after a successful run, in many cases, leaders supplant a predecessor who was not up to the job. Following an ineffective leader and leading a team that has not proven successful in the past requires an optimistic strategic message: “The past has been good. The future will be great.”
People have an odd response when they feel out of balance and without control over their time. They add things to an already overflowing plate. Decide today, before any new requests, what you will say no to. Write them down. Keep this list ever-present as a reminder. Now use the muscle and make it stronger. Stop adding new items that create even less control.
The best performers and athletes work hard to overcome setbacks in an exceedingly simple way —they forget about them. Forgetting is an essential skill that anyone can master. The key to forgetting is to force yourself to charge forward without delay. Any hesitation allows the mind to remember. Recalling the misstep is what top performers don’t do.

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