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There is a superpower understood and held dear by performers in every field and endeavor. One act that even the most accomplished performers go out of their way to do prior to competing on a large stage. This secret ingredient gives them a boost of confidence, relaxes their state of mind, reminds them of what is most important, and allows them to put the performance in perspective. Perhaps nothing is more important than deploying this superpower prior to displaying one’s skills when the stakes are high. You might be surprised by how many world-class composers, presenters, dancers, athletes, rock climbers, coaches, and leaders don’t feel comfortable setting foot on any stage without doing this. They speak with the people who are closest to them in the world and confirm how much they matter to them just prior to performance.
Treating decisions as mysteries to untangle promotes an investigatory mindset where the only good course of action is to remain deeply issue-centered. Exploring issues through appreciative inquiry requires reflection and normally involves comparison between the decision-makers. As the group pieces together the clues, they agree as to what is fact and what is speculation. This sets the stage for a sound analysis and a march toward a quality conclusion. A mystery unfolds over time and creates excitement and wonder. What a wonderful metaphor for decision-making. Perhaps it is time to explore the mysteries of an issue instead of rushing in to find a solution.

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