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The best leaders are always on the hunt. For insights. For wisdom. They're looking for ways to get better. Ways to make other people better.

Our daily Field Notes email is just the kind of jumpstart you need. A fast read. Maybe less than a minute. Because sometimes it just takes one insight to change the trajectory of the day.

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How do you know you’re making progress? The gurus tell you to set small milestones, take short steps, measure short-term goals. Long distance runners pick a spot in the next 50 yards and work to get there. Then, they pick another spot..
An insecure leader I know berates his people and expresses his emotions like a freight train about to derail. The team suffers from the barrage. This leader is smart. Charming at times. Not afraid to be candid. But things turn dark when he’s not satisfied.

Why Field Notes?

While our coaching and courses go deep on the behaviors of leadership, our quick Admired Leadership Field Notes can help keep any leader on course.

At work. At home. As a partner or parent.

The Field Notes cover thoughts on the kinds of challenges common to all leaders: building relationships, making decisions, giving advice and counsel. Our Field Notes literally come from 30 years of actual notebooks!

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I love this stuff. These are simple and actionable behaviors I can immediately apply to being a better coach and leader.

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A daily resource that is as engaging as it is insightful.

— Lutheran Pastor

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The true genius is the distillation of such complex ideas that have been developed over decades into such simple nuggets. It’s deep understanding and a passion that makes the profound so digestible and simple.

— CEO and Founder, Asset Management Company

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