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I’ve seen a lot of leadership efforts over time and have seen nothing like this when you actually think about your behaviors, compared to Admired Leadership behaviors, you realize you have a gap.

— Former CEO, Workforce
Development Executive

I love this stuff.
These are simple and actionable behaviors. I can immediately apply it to being a better coach and leader.

— Head Athletic Coach, Pac-12 Conference

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When you are touching people,
not only at a professional level, but it’s also making them better husbands, wives, bothers, sisters… that’s deep, powerful thinking.

— Executive Vice President,
Chief Administrative Officer, General Counsel

I am really blown away by the quality of execution and the content. As an executive and a leader, I have been a consumer of leadership development content my entire career. I have to say, this program is without a doubt the best content I have ever seen.

— Head Athletic Coach

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It’s such a powerful concept.

— Chief Supply Chain Officer

This is impressive. Every detail is insightful. This approach is terrific since it’s advanced, yet accessible. Being able to revisit again and again these fundamentals of leadership (“wisdom” and routine versus technique) is profound.

— Senior Risk Officer

Having completed the Admired Leadership
curriculum, I believe this is the most valuable leadership intellectual property I have experienced in 40 years of business and nonprofit leadership. If you or your team truly aspires to reach the next level, this is it. 5 stars.

— Senior Vice President,
Global Insurance Company

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It is a comprehensive set of guidelines and patterns that help you both as a leader, but also a human being.
It’s been extremely valuable to me.

— President and
Chief Executive Officer

The true genius is the distillation of such complex ideas that have been developed over decades into such simple nuggets. It’s deep understanding. Passion and spectacular editing make the profound so digestible and simple.

— Senior Vice President,
Global Insurance Company

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Being conscious of how to be a better leader, or a better Dad, or just a better person, and having a toolkit to be able to do that is so different. You don’t see that in normal leadership curriculum.

— President, Fiduciary Wealth Management & Advising

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It [Admired Leadership] has been profound. I should have done it much, much sooner.

— Director Analytics
& Planning

What the world's leading podcasters think of Admired Leadership.

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Over the years, this
wisdom has been

— Ryan Holiday
The Daily Stoic

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This leadership
course was the
best I’ve ever taken.

— Sean Delaney
What Got You There

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I thought it was one
of the best things
I’ve done. Ever.

— Shane Parrish
The Knowledge Project

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The course is
It’s ridiculously good.

— Ted Seides
Capital Allocators