book summaries

Book Summaries

The Latest and Greatest Books For Leaders

We work hard to stay abreast of the current writings on leadership, especially those books our clients are reading or have been recommended to read. As a benefit to our clients and to facilitate our own learning, the Admired Leadership team has long maintained a tradition of summarizing the newest books of interest to leaders. Better to read a summary for eight minutes before investing 8 hours in the entire book. After reading a good summary, we believe leaders are able to make better choices as to what to ignore, what to peruse and what to make the time to read closely.

The summaries are just that and not book reviews. They focus on the practical suggestions offered by the author(s) as is consistent with our value on actionable advice. We select the books based more on what everyone is reading rather than on what is special. Special is a high bar and not many books reach it. We find that most new books are chock full of good reminders that anyone can benefit from, and occasionally an insight we can all act on. That makes the pursuit of staying current worthwhile.

Look for new summaries every month as our team scours what’s new.