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The Power of the Pelz Effect

The influence a leader has on those above them in an organization exerts a profound impact on how others below them view them. The question on everyone’s mind, especially when promotions, bonuses, or new policies are in play, centers on how much credibility and influence our leader has to shape the outcomes. 

We want our leaders to be strong advocates and to sway the decisions that affect us. When we believe a leader carries weight with those above them in the hierarchy, we see everything they do as more supportive and helpful. This is known as the “Pelz Effect,” and it matters more than we often think.  

We want to follow leaders who can “get it done” for us. The best leaders are mindful of this and work hard to become ever more credible up the food chain. This requires an awareness of what decisions are coming down the pike, and to begin early to convince senior leaders to consider the views that benefit our team. Building relationships upward and improving our advocacy skills with more senior leaders pay the biggest dividends downward. 

Think up to lead down. 

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