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Outwork Everyone Else

Sometimes hustle matters — and matters more than anything else. Speak to leaders who achieved results and reached places they never thought possible, and you’ll hear stories of hard work and dedication. 

Others may have more skills or innate talents, but the one thing we all control is how much effort we put into succeeding. Simply put, the highest achievers almost always outwork everyone else. They show up earlier, stay later, and produce more. 

Fans always admire the athlete that hustles, never gives up, or takes anything for granted. Those that run the bases or the court on every play. Intuitively, they know that this work ethic is the secret ingredient of success and something anyone can share. Strangely, few do. 

We all know we can’t always be the most talented person in the room. Yet, we can be the hardest worker in the room. Make the choice to outwork and out-hustle the competition, and watch others follow. Remember the words of basketball legend Kevin Durant, “Hard work always beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard.” 

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