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If It Matters to You, It Matters to Me

When you stand for people, as good leaders do, you have to be a surrogate for what matters to them even if it doesn’t matter to you. Translated, this means living up to the idea that, “If it matters to you, it now matters to me.” 

This idea becomes symbolic in strong relationships and is felt as much as it is observed. Great leaders know the power of treating a matter with gravity. Especially, when the matter is not at all grave, as is the case for many things that are important to others. The people, ideas, issues, passions, and activities they care about deeply may or may not be relevant to you as a leader. Making them relevant and important to you says loudly and clearly that the person you lead counts, is special, and is worthy of every consideration you might offer. 

When others know you hold this to be true, the loyalty they afford you runs deep. The best leaders know exactly what matters most to you. They make it a part of what becomes important to them, as well. That is what it really means to have someone’s back. And front. 

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