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Don’t Paralyze Your Rookie Players

When those we lead are inexperienced at a task or activity, showing them what TO DO is far superior than telling them what NOT TO DO. 

Players new to any game or task simply don’t do well when hit with a barrage of ideas and actions to avoid. It’s easy to miss this simple truth. In part, because we know that pointing out potential pitfalls and sources of error will make all the sense in the world to those with experience. Yet, it just doesn’t register to those without a grasp of the foundations. In fact, it paralyzes them in ways almost nothing else can.

The next time you’re coaching youth basketball, community softball, or introducing new colleagues to an activity or task they have yet to grasp, focus on the do’s and avoid the don’ts. You’ll find they perform much better and are happier for your wise leadership. 

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