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Field Notes

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When combined with the quality of producing extraordinary results through others, leaders with followership skills become deeply admired and exert a tremendous influence on those around them. Developing the behaviors and routines that produce followership is something every leader can and should work on. The result might be relationally spectacular.
Coaching others to success demands leaders accept the current reality. This means the reality of others, not the leader’s sense of things. Understanding what people know and are ready to hear and learn is the key. The best leaders accept where others are first and start the race from there.
Watching athletes and stage performers play at their best, it is easy to conclude that emotion during performance is an asset. To the casual observer, top performers motivate themselves with emotion, allowing anger, frustration, and even self-contempt to light a fire and push them to new heights. If you have reached that same conclusion, you might have missed an important distinction.