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I love this stuff. These are simple and actionable behaviors I can immediately apply to being a better coach and leader. Ultimately, I think those I lead will be more successful, fulfilled and valued as I more fully learn and practice these behaviors

— Pac-12 Head Athletic Coach

It is fantastic to be able to reference the content-rich behaviors and nuances on demand. For those so inclined, there is a lifetime of skills available at your fingertips. Having them available when I need them allows me to simply work on becoming a better leader at my own pace.

— CEO National Wealth Management Company

Having completed the Admired Leadership curriculum, I observe this is the most valuable leadership intellectual property I have experienced in 40 years of business and non-profit leadership. If you or your team truly aspires to reach the next level, this is it. 5 stars.

— Senior Vice President, Global Insurance Company

'When the student is ready, the teacher appears' ... I only wish I had been 'ready' 20 years ago, as the behaviors learned via Admired Leadership would have benefited both personal and professional relationships. Even the world's best athletes have coaches. Instincts alone will only take you so far.

— Managing Director, Tier 1 Investment Bank

A resource as engaging as it is insightful. The behaviors of admired leaders are thoroughly and concisely explained. The exercises and role plays designed to habituate the behaviors are great. I wish every pastor and seminary student could have access.

— Lutheran Pastor

I told my son who is 18 going to college this fall that he should go through this as well because I wish I had this when I was 18. There is no collection of video's or books that will rival this series. I have been developing my leadership philosophy for 30 years and this is taking it to a whole new level.

— Dad, and Credit Union CFO

I have to say I am really blown away by the quality of execution and the content. As an executive and a leader I have been a consumer of leadership development content my entire career. I have to say, this program is without a doubt the best content I have ever seen.

— Veteran early and growth stage CEO

I am really excited about working with my teams. I have spent years talking with my teams about the benefits of feedback. The videos are so powerful and easy to change. The "more of or less of" behavior is so easy and powerful at the same time. This is great advice for work or personal.

— Credit Union CFO

The videos are great because they provide color and context to each behavior outline under each video. They get you to the point fast providing a great way to review the concepts. They add texture and bring the behavior to life. Even though they’re short, the content is dense.

— CEO and Founder, Asset Management Company

I just love how practical it is. You want to motivate your team? Ok, here are seven specific things you can do to make it work. Verbally delivered, I’ve always found Admired Leadership® actionable and implementable. It’s amazing to see how you have systematized it.

— CEO and Founder, Asset Management Company

The true genius is the distillation of such complex ideas that have been developed over decades into such simple nuggets. It’s deep understanding, passion and spectacular editing make the profound so digestible and simple.

— CEO and Founder, Asset Management Company

I have taken away so many insights as a parent while watching these modules. I see the value of these behaviors in every aspect of my life. This has been incredibly valuable.

— Parent & Technology Executive