An Idea That Will Change The Way You Motivate and Inspire Others

Is there something you haven’t read or don’t know about motivating others? 

More boldly, could there be a universal idea about inspiring others that is unknown to most leaders? 

You are about to find out that there is.

What Would a Fan Do?


Acting on the idea of Fanness is remarkably straightforward. Leaders who want to become more inspirational need only ask one simple question. In this situation, what would a fan do? Asking this question often and keeping the idea top of mind is essential.

Fans do many things to motivate and inspire others. 

Every situation presents a unique opportunity to show others that we are rooting for them and encouraging their success. We intuitively know of the many ways leaders show Fanness every day.

  1. Take the time to listen and engage.
  2. Find opportunities for others to learn & grow.
  3. Suggest “stretch” assignments that challenge others to explore their perceived limitations.
  4. Offer feedback and coach people up for performance.
  5. Show up and serve as a safety net when others stumble.
  6. Encourage others when they are down or discouraged.
  7. Get others involved in activities they desire to be a part of.
  8. Ask others to tag along, shadow or follow you to Take Part.
  9. Give others exposure to those who might help them.
  10. Patiently teach others how to overcome an obstacle.
  11. Trust others with a prize issue or responsibility.
  12. Give others the freedom to explore on their own.
  13. Include others in special moments.
  14. Share success and credit with others.
  15. Agree with others in front of their colleagues.

By mastering what it means to be a fan and a few behaviors of Fanness, anyone can become a more inspirational leader.