Admired Leadership Institute in the Berkshires

July 2023

The Admired Leadership Institute combines a week of leadership learning with musical and artistic experiences in the Berkshires. This carefully balanced design provides participants with a truly memorable Admired Leadership® experience. It is designed to create a rich dialogue among peer-like leaders. 

Who Should Attend

The ideal Admired Leadership Institute participant should be a leader with current significant responsibility and “high potential” for increasing levels of management or leadership complexity. The Berkshires are a known destination featuring outdoor activities, rich cultural experiences, and world-class performances. Those with an interest in or affinity for music, art, or hiking will appreciate the experience most.


JOHN COOK advises senior leaders primarily in the financial services, consumer, and technology industries. John’s client work focuses on developing leadership talent and coaching to behaviors that build the long-term relationship and communication skills essential to getting things done. He regularly counsels clients on critical decisions involving talent, leadership communication, feedback, performance management, and credibility. Representative clients include Bank of America Merrill Lynch, BlackRock, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, Cowen, Dell Technologies, Estée Lauder, Fidelity Investments, Hershey, Morgan Stanley, Nomura, Point 72, SEI Investments, Summit Rock, and Sumo Logic. John holds an MBA degree from Villanova University and is a graduate of an accredited coach-training program. He is also a classically trained musician with diplomas from The Academy of Vocal Arts and Boston University.

RANDALL K. STUTMAN, PH.D. is the founder of the Admired Leadership Institute, and is widely recognized as an authority in leadership strategy and style. Dr. Stutman works as an executive coach for Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Capital One, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, State Farm, Sun Life Financial, and Morgan Stanley, among others. The author of three books on leadership, he is a former Professor at Temple University and the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.


The Red Lion Inn Village, in Stockbridge, MA, is an iconic, national landmark with warmth, character, and a 200-plus year history that expresses timeless tradition. Each participant will be provided with private rooms in a quintessential New England guesthouse reserved solely for the Admired Leadership Institute. The one-of-a-kind accommodations, in the heart of the Berkshires, feature all the comforts you would expect, as well as unexpected twists on modern country. A turn-of-the-century firehouse on the Village property will serve as the primary meeting space. 

While participants arrange for personal travel, Stockbridge is less than a three-hour drive from both New York City and Boston.

The Core Sessions

The core sessions consist of 30 distinct learning modules interwoven with group activities designed to encourage reflection and dialogue. A sampling of modules includes:.
  • Beginnings: New Roles and Transitions
  • Developing and Coaching Juniors
  • Driving Performance and Delivering Results
  • Inspiring Others Around You
  • Leading Your Leader for Team Success
  • Leading When Things Go Wrong
  • Making Great Decisions Every Day
  • Making New Roles and Transitions Work from Day One
  • Making the Time to Lead
  • Projecting Senior Leadership Credibility
  • Propelling Organizational Change
  • What You Don’t Know About Building Relationships
  • Why Should Anyone Follow You?
  • Why the Right Talent is Trying to Find You Too

Recreational Activities

In addition to the working sessions, there are extracurricular activities where participants can experience the grandeur of the Berkshires, known for their outdoor activities, rich cultural experiences, and world-class performances. These activities also allow attendees to exchange ideas and develop meaningful relationships with their fellow participants. A visit to Tanglewood Music Center, Jacob’s Pillow, Shakespeare & Company, Edith Wharton’s The Mount, and The Norman Rockwell Museum offers unforgettable performances and opportunities to learn from the creative greats, past and present, for this year’s session.

The investment which includes all accommodations, activities, meals, and materials is $7,500

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Admired Leadership Institute provides participants with a unique and memorable environment to explore how to be a better leader. It is designed to create a rich dialogue among peer-like leaders who can share organizational challenges, exchange innovative ideas, and better themselves.